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The Super Beast

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Do you want the warmest hands EVER? 

Then you need the Super Beasts. 

Made to upgrade your Mitts to endure even the absolute coldest of temperatures.  When you put these into your Mitt System they will take the temperature rating from -20°F to -40°F. 

Tested and approved on Everest.



  • Super Beast Liner: BAÏST private blend thinsulate & thermolite removable velcro liner.  Our blend is the warmest and most breathable liner you have experienced.

This liner is not typically used on its own.  It attaches to the exterior shell of the mitt using velcro and is your main insulator.  Remove the regular liner before inserting this into your Mitt.



Measure your hand to determine your size.

*Measurements in inches

Length: Measure from tip of middle finger to the breaking point in the wrist where it joins the palm.

Perimeter: Measure around the widest part of the hand (approx. 2 cm above the thumb - do not measure around the thumb)

Size: Choose the larger of the two sizes you fit into, this is your size.  For example, if your length is 7.5 and your perimeter is 7.9 you would follow the length sizing and choose a 90.

Sizing Tips 

The glove will feel slightly stiff for the first day.  We use real goat leather which takes a day or 2 of wear to break in properly.

When in doubt, go up a half size.

Please Note: This size guide provides the best possible estimated measurements we can give you to determine your size.  You may also need to take into consideration a few things before your final decision is made.

1) Do you like a looser or tighter fitting glove?

    a) If looser, go up a size if you are in between

    b) If tighter, go down a size if you are in between