• How do I pronounce BAÏST?



  • What does BAÏST mean?

This is a complicated one. What does anything really mean?  What is life? We feel BAÏST is best understood by using it in a sentence:


       “Have you tried these chips? They are the BAÏST.”

       “Bro, that kangaroo flip was BAÏST!”

       “Did you see Tanner rocking BAÏST gloves yesterday? So steezy.”

       “What is your go to sandwich? Definitely roast BAÏST”

       “Hucked it off that cliff, so BAÏST.”

       “Dude, have you seen Braveheart? Is that real? Nah, it’s BAÏST on a true story.”


  • Hey are these BAÏST gloves any good?

Yes, they're amazing.  They are the best gloves money can buy, and yes they are a fair price too. 


  • I have sweaty hands that always get cold, can BAÏST help?

Yes, our founder had this same problem.  Hence our special playboy material skin liner which will keep you warm and dry by insulating and wicking out any moisture. They are like your second skin.


  • Are they touchscreen compatible, like do they actually work with a screen reliably?

Yup, our touchscreen material is sicker than your average.  It also wraps around 90% of the finger so that you can easily scroll and swipe.


  • Can I wash these gloves?

Both liners are machine washable with gentile detergent.  Putting genuine leather in the wash wouldn’t be the best idea.


  • I just got my gloves and they feel a little stiff, did I get the wrong size?

Probably not, the glove will feel a bit stiff/tight when they are new.  This is because they are made from real goat skin leather.  They break in and loosen up over the first day or 2, and get better and better over time.  For more specifics on sizing, check out our size guide.


  • Are these waterproof?

Yes, over time the leather needs to be treated.  We recommend using our private label beeswax sealant, and we send a some with every pair of gloves.


  • Why are these better?

We use premium genuine goat skin leather along with the highest quality materials.  These gloves will keep you warmer than anything else out there and are extremely versatile because of the full BAÏST system.  You can be comfortable in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 45°F.


  • What is this loop on the finger?

If you get snow or any wetness inside the glove, this is for hanging the glove to dry.  This positioning of the loop allows the glove to hang in the correct direction and drip dry properly.


  • How was this born?

The Founder, Ace Jonas, is lifelong skier, boarder, telemarker and also has raynauds  - improper circulation to finger tips, so gloves were always super important to him.  He had been through every glove brand out there, but they never quite had everything he wanted in a glove and they were $250-$350. He knew there had to be a way to make a better product at a more fair price.  His initial goal was to make the perfect glove for himself and go from there.  By going direct to consumer and not wasting money on marketing firms, website development, or any extras. We put everything we can into the product, enabling us to make an extremely high-quality product at an accessible price.


  • How long have you been out?

Winter 2017-2018 was our first full Beta test year.